Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Ogre To Da Dyno She Go

I took the big ugly to moto milano to see what was going on after my second gear adventure. Jerry was like you want to put what on my dyno? so we did a base line run the carbs are way out of tune I just wanted to see where I was at with the gearing the bike is so stable in first and so mean in second.we ran it alitle in first to warm her up then went to second I was alittle scared the way it was pushing the frontwheel holder i thought it was going to break once we got it rolling it was doing 20mph at idle and topped out at 6000rpm 60mph in second. I shouldnt even post this because its embarasing the hp was way lower than I thought but that wasnt my intent hp can be made easy enough right now its about gearin and controll. in third gear at 2500 rpm the bike was doing around thirty, at 6000 rpm it was runing 82mph. the hp maxed at like 47 and the tourqe was at 54.8 her peak power was developed at 4500rpm Jerry suggested running a bigger sprocket in the rear to slow the wheel speed down and just use 3rd 4th 5th. but I'm going to get the clutch and shifter squared away and do some more pavement testing I'm at a 1:1 ratio now if I went to a 2:1 or is that 1:2 ratio that should theoreticaly cut my wheel speed
in half if I went 1.50:1 that would slow the wheel by 25% right that would be 60 mph in third and I still have enough tourqe to take off. my sprockets are both 24 teeth so I would have to make the rear a 30 tooth. I think?

I always appreciate input I'm just winging it after all.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Latest and greatest

This was before brakes suicide shift and foot clutch
and yes thats my ugly puss riding on it! I dont often get a chance to thank the people who help the most my lovely wife like person Rhonda who has put up with countless hours of my crap millions of my lousy half ass excuses the 50 dollars of money I spent on parts and said was 50 cents (but she new) the cuts bruises and oh yes the burn with out her I would be a worthless piece of Dog Doo! I love Her and Hope she will marry my dumb ass someday. and Joe of quick to order parts and providing a winter time habitat for work to be performed a true friend my other friends whom give me supprt I thank you also. and the vwm/c club in yahoo groups for info and support

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

burns and burn outs

Well here is the burn on my leg and the burnout in the drive way well time to buy some boots I guess! yes that is the love tat my ol lady put on me fore I went up the river! I know the pic dont show it to good but the dark patch in the middle was white I dont think there is any skin there any more. No I'm not going to show th skid marks in my shorts either. I got a new pic of the bike at work I gotta put on this silly blog thing.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jockey shifters, foot clutches and Bad Ideas!

Well I wanted to be able to ride around at owls head so I've been in the garage every night till 10 trying to get a foot clutch and jockey shifter to work I got it all worked out by Saturday morning with the new axle and bearings and every thing so I wanted to test it out in the driveway. The dude from hybrid engineering said that first gear in a 914 is delicate so I should try to start off in second. So I pushed her out front and tried to ease the clutch out in second I heard a klunk! I blew up the love joy coupler in the rear hub snapped all three teeth clean off tore up the buna bushing. I decide to tig weld the remaining piece of the love joy coupler back in to the hub so I could try it out. Attempt no 2 I let the clutch out nice and easy well the thing took off so quick I was a little surprised the rear sprocket made some noise under load so I took a quick glance and touched the throttle a little just to see where the noise was coming from.( okay mistake) well that stood up on the rear wheel and my clutch foot slipped off the peg so as soon as the front tire hit the ground I tried to grab the clutch on the handle bar (but its not there! Mistake no2) so I jammed on the front brake but I grabbed it so hard I could let go of the throughtle.(clutch foot was still dangling I guess) well that didn't stop the bike it just pushed the front tire along until I hit the garage. Okay the bike should stall right nope still spinning that 230 she started doing a mad max swinging the ass end around heading for the 68 T-bird( which would have caused death by .357 because its the wife's) so finally swatted the kill switch in time to feel this burning in my leg well we were supposed to have a bar BQ that night I just didn't think leg was on the menu. So the bike seems okay and the garage don't look to bad but every time I look at my leg two thing come to mind mmmm BBQ and foot clutches and jockey shifters really are dangerous.
so remember power corrupts and absolute power well that corrupts absolutely
note to self buy calf high motorcycle boots