Saturday, February 25, 2006

why 914 for me

Some Facts about the 914 Trans. it is basicly the same as a 911 transmission that was modified from rear engine to mid- engine for the 914. The main difference is a notch cut in the reverse shift linkage and the nose cone! I chose this transmission over a bug tranny for a couple of reasons, the biggest is it has the shift linkage out of the side, five speeds and it is its twice as rugged as a bug tranny!The diff is bigger and the bearings are almost twice the size. I had some issues when I got the tranny, it was in a bucket. It was a learning curve to put it together and then figure out how to flip the diff, which I had put in wrong from the start. In order to flip the diff you must pull the whole gear cluster out to get the input shaft and pinion out of youre way.
why do I need a more rugged transmisssion? the current motor used to push a 1200 pound bug 9 seconds in an eigth mile and spin the tires in all four gears and snap nose cones. After the BUG's are worked out I want to put in a 2180cc motor. pluss I like the way Bud Burkey's supercharger sounds.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Cool bike. I'm just wondering if You're gonna have it running for the 2006 season, Or am I gonna see it in my shop for the summer too?
Just kidding!! Ya crazy Dutchman.
Isn't it Veerd? Ya? -Joe

ReedRichards said...

Hey there! Love the site and the project. I am looking for some info and wondering if you know this.. are you familiar with "dog boxes"? Transmissions without synchro gears I believe. I am wondering if there is some cheap way to convert a VW transaxle to a non synchro gearbox. all the ones I see cost a lot of money. Which doesn't make sense to me. Shouldn't a synchroless transmission be cheaper? Not more expensive? Because they are more simple? Any info would be great!