Monday, November 27, 2006

I'm so Frickin Excited

Progress finally! The frickin thing idles and the clutch couldn't work better. OK so I need a carb kit Santa if your reading its a Holley 2110 and I found one on VINTAGE SPEED CATALOG . I got the carb adjusted decent and the throttle cable rigged up and took her out in the yard and I'm jumping up and down because the clutch works so good!!! I even did a burn out in the drive way effortlessly! OK if you look at the photo you can see the carb I polished it kinda half ass. it has that vintage look. I made the center piece of the Intake and had it powder coated. Lastly I took stock VW intake manifolds and polished them and mounted them backwards to get that big gomey Holley Carb to fit under the tank. I almost used one of the dell's but I thought this would be a little simpler to tune. OK so you look at the manifold and say that doesn't look like a very efficient design for performance but I made it so both sides could draw equally off of the carb and I bull headed it for two reasons one clearance and two for turbulence. I'm not an engineer but bull head Tee's are supposed to be very turbulent and turbulence is supposed to help the fuel air mixture be more completely mixed. I don't know if it really works but in my dumb dutch head it looks like it works. So it rode around the yard like a dream (well almost) now I need to start working on the shifter I have a design planned out I just need to collect some pieces and start debuging it. I need a couple of three way solenoid valves like micro miniature ones that will handle vacum. hey Santa! LOL! now I need to find some pavement to test ride this Bitch!!! "yipiee kiyea MF'er"Bruce Willis

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