Thursday, December 21, 2006

shmoke and a Pancake!

Okay its not for the Ogre but its my blog and I'll post what I want. This is a model of 1 of the reverse cone megaphones Going on my Katasaki 650V2 I learned how to do this 16 years ago and have finally gotten enough skills to pull of building them It took a while to dust off the note books and relearn cotangents but I think it will be worth it I'm going to make them out of stainless and I have an idea for a silencer that I think will work ( I may test the silencers on the Ogre for some back pressure.) I have not taken pics of the lift but will be gettin high with the Ogre soon (on the lift table dumb ass) I've got the 3" channel iron scisors built and the material for the table all I need is the back pivot and some channels for the front table wheels. Well 4 days till Xmas Hope Santa knows I've been trying to be good

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