Friday, January 12, 2007

MAN eating TIGER

How do you react to a man eating TIGER?

You don't REACT!

You pause and make a choice. You must decide if red wine and mashed potatoes or beer and fries goes better with tiger. remember you are responsible for your choice.

In my past life I was a man eating Tiger I know this because I have studied Buddhism for the last three years and through much meditation one day I had vision. In my vision I was a large powerful orange tiger with paws as big as your head and claws as long as your fingers proud and ferocious! A man in a khaki suit was either hunting me or had me in a cage. this man had turned to beat a small brown person with black hair. This abusive behavior triggered something and I reacted I killed the bad man and ate him. the whole vision only lasts a moment and I think I was killed shortly after that for eating the zoo keeper or some one else in the hunting party shot me I may never know but at that moment I had done a karmic good thing by saving the little brown person and being a man eating TIGER it was my nature to eat the man. So as Buddhism goes I earned a chance at the next level in cyclic living. I was born A red haired boy who was very rambunctious, apparently some of the tiger was still there I have been diagnosed with ADD it is very distracting to have a caged tiger pacing in your head. I struggled for half of my life trying to keep the tiger in a cage. when something bad happened to me The tiger (metaphorically speaking) breaks out of his cage and tries to protect me by eating whatever is trying to cause my suffering. Recently I was suffering due to some of my own behavior and the tiger got loose well it wasn't pretty some one almost got eaten. I was at my wits end with that goddamn tiger I was going to take it out back and shoot it! I had given up, with the help of some one who knew how to listen I made it one more day, I made it to a class called 7 habits of highly effective people. I have experienced a Paradigm shift! If you know me don't ask what my suffering was that day I cant and wont tell you just know it was a powerful catalyst that was perfectly timed to cause a lasting effect.I hope and pray and have every faith that my life has changed for ever!I know this because me and the tiger want this with every fiber of my being! I want to thank three people the first is the Dalli Lama for helping me understand Buddhas principals the second is Sgt Wycoff for teaching me Steven Covey's method for utilizing these principals in a highly effective manner. I also want to thank Cesar Milan for teaching me that like dogs tigers don't understand human psychology. you must exercise and discipline your tiger and when he is calm and submissive you may show him affection, that is when the tiger will walk beside you. You control the tiger the tiger does not control you! I am 36 years old I am exactly half way through my life and I am finally becoming a MAN eating tiger!

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