Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Getting high with the Ogre

Sorry no pic's me and the Ogre have been in the garage trying to get high no not dope stupid I hurt my back so I've been building my lift table! to get it off the floor. the table wasnt to bad the scissor was pretty easy but want to pull youre hair out try figuring out how to make a scissor lift to go for cheap! I tried to make an old ford bumper jack go went up slick came down with a bang. tried an 8 ton bottle jack plenty of power short on stroke. I tried a screw to much tourqe with no load it was sweet but put 200lbs vannila gorrila on it and look out. I ordered a couple of 20" lift 8ton jacks but they dont work laying down ( for sale good deal only used once) So my buddy suggested an rv scissor jack 24" 7k lbs. I'm just waiting for pay day $40 at the local trailer supply. its got the reach it shrinks to 4" its got more than enough liftin capacity so we giv her a shot I'll take some pics of the lift when she's done! I also fractured my wrist snow boarding with my son that slowed production. I got a band saw and that speed production back up. then I had a financial misshap which resulted in 27" interco SWAMP LITES for my Katasaki 650 vtwin ye mother F....n Ha! so now were back on track there is a bike show at LA harley on the 5th of may I'll see if the boss wants to go all for now bax to tinkrin!

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